East Side Little League
Ages 5 - 6 (T-Ball)

Objective: The primary purpose of the T-Ball program is for the children to have fun learning baseball fundamentals.

Introduction: In the T-Ball program, players learn to play baseball on a small field focusing on learning positions, fielding, throwing and hitting off of a fixed tee at home plate.  All players should learn the standard nine positions defensively. Parent/players can expect initial practices and 1-2 games per week over the course of the regular season which extends from April to June. Games are used for instructional purposes.  Two Managers and Coaches will be on the field of play.  Runs and game scores are not counted.  There are no division standings, playoffs or All-star tournament play at the end of the season for T-Ball.

What is Expected from T-Ball Players?
  • Players will learn the basics of the hitting, throwing and fielding.  
  • Players will learn how to be coached and to be a member of a team. 
  • Players will learn by doing drills, such as hitting off the "tee", fielding ground balls and pop-ups.
  • Players will develop hand-eye coordination and bat swing-techniques without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball.
  • Players will develop an awareness of all nine fielding positions.
  • Players will develop throwing overhand with proper mechanics, building arm strength and accuracy. 

What is Expected from Volunteers and Parent Coaches?
  • Parents need to complete a background check by Mid-March.  Please check the Volunteer Page and utilize the Volunteer Form.  There is no cost for the back ground check.
  • Parents Volunteers should participate in the League Safety Meeting and Coach preparation sessions.  Please check the League Calendar.
  • Parent Managers and Coaches should learn how to run a good practice with drills. 
  • Parents on the field of play working with children, must have a back ground check.
  • Parent Managers and Coaches will be given a roster of players with contact information.  
  • All player information is confidential and not to be given out to anyone or used for any other purpose than to afford team practices and games.

GAME RULES: The Official Little League Rule Book will be used for the East Side LL programs, unless superseded by one of the following special East Side League Rules:

  • No official games book or scores are kept and there are no league standings.
  • Games are usually played at several fields such as Cooper and Oakbourne lower field.  

PLAYING UP: ESLL does not allow players to play up.  All registered players are assigned to the proper league program based upon the age. The important part of playing T-Ball is to develop an appreciation for drills, rules and building upon repetition.  Games are a reflection of how well the players are learning.  Coaches will use the games for continuous instruction and reinforcement of learning good mechanics, good sportsmanship and work ethic.

TEAMS: Registration will drive the number of teams.  The Director will divide the census of players into teams of thirteen to fifteen players. Volunteer Managers and Coaches are then recruited. ESLL usually fields fourteen or more teams.  If you are interested in Coaching, please inform the Director.  Register your child and yourself.  On your registration, please note your interest in volunteering.  Also, please use the special comments section to note player requests.

SEASON: The season will start in early April, following Opening Day Ceremonies. T-Ball players can expect to play approximately twelve games, weather permitting. The concentration of T-Ball is to develop basic fundamentals through practices and games.  Coaching concentrates on developing confidence through repetition and drills.  Tees are used by all baseball players all the way to the professional players as a fundamental tool to develop swing mechanics, bat speed and eye-hand coordination.    

EQUIPMENT: The Manager will be provided a Team Bag with a Tee. Players will be provided a T-shirt and a baseball cap. All other equipment is the responsibility of the parent including, but not limited to, shoes/plastic spikes, glove and cup if the parent/player so desires. It is recommended players begin to wear cups. White baseball pants are optional. The League will provide one baseball bat per team.

RECOGNITION: There are no team records, playoffs, championships nor trophies awarded by the League. Coaches should focus on positive reinforcement throughout the season, games and practices. If the individual team managers wish to give the children a small token at the end of the season, they are welcome to do so. There should be no individual MVP or similar type awards.
For further information regarding the T-Ball program, please contact the Director.