East Side Little League

Ages 13-15 (JV Program)

Objective: The ESLL JV Program is designed to serve 13-15 year old young men living in our local community seeking recreational and competitive level of play on the 60/90 diamond. 

INTRODUCTION: The ESLL JV Program is the next stage of baseball for teenagers (ages 13-15) in our community who desire to continue playing baseball after Little League 46/60 or 50/70. The ESLL JV Program allows players to participate on both High School and ESLL JV teams. Further, participation in high school games counts toward eligibility for All Stars so your son will not be penalized or prohibited from competing in All Stars while participating on a high school team. Most High School baseball games are played in the afternoon shortly after school. ESLL JV games are played in the evenings or weekends with the earliest start time around 5:00 PM.

REAL BASEBALL: Playing on the 90' diamond brings many different aspects of the game into play - it's REAL Baseball! Leading off, Hit & Run plays, Squeeze plays, Pick-off Plays, Designated Hitters.  The ESLL JV program is a very competitive level of play for teenagers.  Players utilize BBCOR bats and will have to bring their game up a notch from the Little League 46/60 limitations designed to help develop young players growing up. Players coming up from 50/70 will have less of a jump up and should be better prepared for ESLL JV ball.  Speed, agility, discipline, focus, knowledge of the game and practice all are important aspects of playing baseball on the regulation size field. 

The ESLL JV Program fields ten or more teams based upon the registration census. ESLL combines Junior (13 year old) and Senior (14-15 years old) into one (13–15) baseball program for a stronger, more competitive program for players who rose through East Side Little League divisions.  
RULES: ESLL JV follows the Little League International Senior/JV Rules and Guidelines.

GAME SCHEDULE: The ESLL JV Teams will play 12-15 games with other JV Teams and some other District 28 teams like West Side in a highly competitive schedule.

PRACTICES: ESLL JV Teams will have one to two practices per week depending upon field availability.  

MINIMUM PLAYING: In the ESLL JV level, there is no minimum inning or at bat playing requirements during the games.

MANAGERS: The ESLL JV Teams have experienced managers and coaches. 

UMPIRES: The ESLL JV Program will have paid umpires.

WINTER WORKOUTS: For those players who register by February 1st, you will have the opportunity to attend nine (9) winter training sessions with no cost to you. ESLL is investing in our player's development and training. The winter workout sessions will be taught by experienced coaches at ASBA who will focus on the following areas of the game while stressing physical conditioning and attitude:     o Pitching o Infield o Outfield o Catching o Base running o Hitting

PLAYER TRYOUTS: Evaluations for new JV Players is scheduled in mid-March.  A Draft will be scheduled by the Director allowing Managers to fill open positions in March.  Team Rosters will be finalized to afford pre-season practices in April. 

SPRING SEASON: Practices and Games will be scheduled in April.

ALL-STARS: ESLL JV program will participate in District 28 Tournament Play. The culmination of the International Tournament is the Junior League Baseball World Series, featuring teams from around the world. All expenses for the teams advancing to the World Series (travel, meals and housing) are paid by Little League International.  The ESLL 2015 JV All-Star team below: