East Side Little League

All Star Tournament Ball

ESLL managers vote and select all star players by age level starting at 9 and ending at 15 based upon player performance.  ESLL fields two teams for each age level covering our  9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 yr olds from our official geographic territories.  The teams enter and play in PA District 28 tournaments hosted by various leagues across our district from Avon Grove to West Chester.  Further tournament play continues if one or more of our teams wins the Districts.  ESLL and Little League fully pays for all Tournament fees.  There are specific All Star Tournament rules and policies governing ESLL play.  Please refer to the Little League International website for the most up-to-date rules. Remember, ESLL incorporates two official charters based upon our geographic area including Westtown, West Goshen and Thornbury - as a result we promote two teams per age bracket - one for American and one for National.

Last Year's 13U team managed by Steve Cholden, Jack Heilman and Tony Teti won the Regester Tournament Championship! The players names from left to right are:  Cooper Kronenberger, Chris Boyd, Conor McGinnis, Sam Cholden, Matthew Marcelli, Michael Ricketts, Chris Heilman, Jack DeMarco, Chris Rodier, Tyler Ramirez, and Stephen Worrell.  The Manager of the team is Steve Cholden.

Special Note for all Families, Coaches and Managers

All Star teams are not Travel Teams. The All Star Teams are assembled for the specific purpose of playing and representing ESLL in the District, State, Region and International Tournaments held from Late June through August each year. Any ESLL Coach or Manager having access to ESLL players and their confidential information must pledge to follow ESLL and Little League International policies and procedures. Good intentions could often lead to unintended consequences. Be smart about not over playing our children. The endurance, skill level, maturity and physical abilities differ across all children. Travel Teams (formed by a set of Coaches or Managers or an outside unaffiliated Company) are not associated with ESLL or Little League International. We do not condone or recommend extending play beyond our normal programs. ESLL follows recognized safety rules developed over decades by Little League International. Being part of Little League International means we need to abide by the general and specific rules on Travel and Tournament play. ESLL and Little League International has special sports insurance coverage - and in general, the insurance covers players and volunteers registered in our programs and divisions during the Spring and Fall season. The fees we collect do not cover any external Travel Team play, insurance or costs. Coaches and Managers fielding outside Travel Teams must follow the ESLL rules, policies and guidelines - which includes not adding conflicts with our programs, calendar and events during our normal season. ESLL season begins upon the completion of player evaluations and team assignments. Once teams are established, Coaches and Managers should concentrate on their ESLL team responsibilities. Please consult the Managers Manual by Division or Contact the League Directors for further information. Parents and families should not be solicited to play on Travel teams during the ESLL season, which begins and includes practices and games starting in February and ending in July. Any use of ESLL equipment, fields or resources to support Travel Teams must be approved by the EC Board. For further information on the policies on Travel Teams please see this reference: