East Side Little League

Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Program

Objective: The ESLL Intermediate Program is designed for 11-12 year old players with advanced baseball skills, maturity and desire to play with a complete set of Senior/JV baseball rules.  Players desiring to transition to the larger 50/70 field setup with 50 foot pitching and 70 foot base paths should tryout. Players not selected or opt out can continue to play and develop on the 46/60 little league field.  

INTRODUCTION:  The 50/70 Program offers a transition step between the 46/60 little league field and 60/90 regulation fields. Players who have outgrown the limitations of 46/60 baseball programs and have developed advanced skills, maturity and desire to compete at a higher level of play, should consider the Intermediate Program. The 50/70 Program will challenge players to improve their hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, throwing and base running in preparation for moving up to the regulation field in school ball, JV baseball or travel ball. Teams will roster and play other District 28 league teams.  So, like JV, there will be some travel for the away games.  All games will have paid umpires by the home team.

• All 11 and 12 year old league age players, if they wish to play 50/70, must register online for the 50/70 program even if they choose to double roster as a majors/minors player.


• Players who opt not to play 50/70 or do not make the 50/70 team(s) because of level, will be placed back on their Major team - or Majors Draft.
• For players not selected or wish to opt-out and play only 46/60 baseball will be refunded the fee difference.

• We will practice on our fields prepared for 50/70 play.
• We anticipate playing at least 15 games. The minimum is 12. The schedule will be setup by the Manager and Coaches working with other teams in early March.
• Half the games will be played on HOME fields.
• Half the games will involve some travel to local leagues such as Avon Grove, Lionville, West Bradford and West Side. 
• Games will play 7 innings with paid umpires.
• 50/70 will play by JV rules which allows for advanced base running, balks, dropped third strikes, throwing runners out from the outfield.
• Players will utilize approved big barrel bats 2 5/8 in. Composite bats will not be used - unless they are BBCOR certified.
• There be no playoffs or division or league playoffs. After the 50/70 regular season, one All-star team will be selected and participate in the District 28 Tournament.

• East Side players ARE PERMITTED TO DOUBLE ROSTER in the majors and Intermediate programs. 

• East Side will participate with other leagues within District 28 with a 12-15 game schedule, umpiring and rules managed by the District.
• Games with local leagues will be played during the week and more distant leagues on weekends.
• The Intermediate Division will operate under Junior Division rules.
• The game consists of 7 innings.

• East Side will field one 50/70 All-Star tournament team even if there are two regular season teams.
• Players not selected for the 50/70 All-Star team are not eligible to be selected on other Little League tournament teams.